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Life coach, riding instructor, writer, I was raised in a barn and now spend my time figuring out how farms heal us.

My intuition screamed at me from the beginning to the bitter end

We overuse the term narcissism. A person with a brutal exterior bravado coupled with a toxic inferiority complex isn’t always a narcissist — but when you’ve encountered one, you know it. Or, at least you know after the fact.

To make sense of what you experienced, you find yourself scrolling through every thread in every article and forum, wanting to know more about this disorder and how to safeguard your life from falling into its trap ever again.

That’s what I did. And while I never want to purposefully relive my time with a narcissist, the things that I learned…

The stories we tell ourselves would make a really bad novel

I’m not going to bore you with a long introduction because I don’t need to waste your time telling you what you already know — if you spoke to another person like you talk at yourself all day, that person wouldn’t be your friend for very long. Let’s skip the crash course in the psychology behind your internal narrative and get straight to the point.

There are lots of words floating through our heads every day and not many of them are positive.

What are we going to do about that?

1.Write it out

Sometimes we’re too close to ourselves to actually hear…

A crash course in nature, healing, and expansion

I teach people how to ride horses for a living, and I also partner with horses in helping humans achieve self-growth. Very little of that growth happens when we’re actually riding the horse. Most of it occurs when we’re doing mundane tasks that help keep the horses alive.

And you know what we’re doing around the farm when we reach the most trance-like familiarity with the genius of our subconscious mind?

Shoveling poop.

Yep. Something magical happens when we’re cleaning horse manure out of the barn.

We might be moaning about having to get started with this thankless task, but…

An obscure forest landmark bridges the past with the present in Greenville County, South Carolina

What do Washington, DC and a winding trail in the middle of the Blue Ridge mountains have in common? Poinsett Bridge, a 200-year-old stone structure that is thought to be the oldest remaining bridge in South Carolina and possibly in America. It has also earned the title of the most haunted site in the state.

My favorite sort of travel happens when I go in search of ghost stories. Poinsett Bridge, located near the state lines of North and South Carolina on the US east coast is one of those places I’ve returned to time and time again hoping to…

How our changing rituals allow space for honest emotion

As I recently sat in a memorial service for a friend who died from a heroin overdose, I realized that each word from the speakers had meaning and value. The church was sparsely filled. The service organic, raw, and charged with honesty and vulnerability. I truly believe this experience would have been vastly different two years ago.

I wrote my first piece about Covid-time funerals after the death of my uncle in the early part of 2021. …

Apparently, I have anger issues.

Within hours of the first Moderna shot, I learned all the various meanings of the phrase, “I’m inflamed.” Top of that list, I was angry, mean, short-tempered, grumpy. So, when it came time for the second shot, I was equally curious and apprehensive as to what it might do to my inner state.

I’m not going to lie — the horror stories circulating of people’s experiences with their second dose of the Covid vaccine had me a little scared. …


Could faith be as simple as a cup of coffee?

The morning I departed Portugal, I drank a perfect cup of coffee. There wasn’t anything rare or complicated about it, just coffee with steamed milk served in a guest house dining room.

I’ve spent the past two decades trying to recreate the taste in that cup. In an era where we have access to more coffee making-methods and selection than ever before, I haven’t quite found it. What was so different about that café com leite?

I received an espresso machine for my sixteenth birthday. I was a little snob, the kid whose father had a $40 weekly food budget…

Is the new Medium model rewarding more writers for what they do best?

I’m noticing an interesting trend with stories that I publish on Medium that I’m certain won’t be eligible for distribution or suitable for most publications — they’re making money. Thank you, Medium, for the changes in the algorithm. If that’s what is really happening, I think it benefits us both.

I’m a woman torn between two passions. I really want to meter my stories and grow on Medium, but I also want to write for the audience I have waiting to read my words in the equestrian world. By equestrian, I mean horse people — a $102 billion industry in…

But they might help us take the first step

The world can be divided into two types of people: those who love horses and those who do not. This post is for the first type.

You might have never touched a horse, but you stop scrolling when you see an image of one, or you slow down to get a better look when you pass one grazing in a field beside the road. You might have spent your whole life with horses and can look out your window, right now, and see one in the backyard.

If you like horses, I bet there is a part of you that…

Kimberly Carter

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